6 Ways to Stay Hydrated This Winter

Drinking your recommended daily intake of water can sometimes feel like a challenge. Is it eight glasses per day? An ounce of water per every pound I weigh? Or as long as I don’t feel thirsty, I’m good? During the winter can be even harder to tell when you have consumed enough water. We typically associate hot, summer months with needing to take extra precaution for staying well hydrated. However, the cold weather is actually a bit harsher on our bodies than expected.

Our Winter Environment

Did you know our inside environments actually mirror that of a small desert? You would never think so due to the 10°F temperature and the snowflakes falling outside. However, the humidity level plummets the minute we crank up those thermostats. This low humidity sucks the moisture from our skin and hair, gives us scratchy throats, chapped lips and dry, itching noses.

Due to the cold weather we layer ourselves with extra, heavy clothing to stay warm, thus causing our body to work harder due to the weight. We often do not think we sweat in cold, dry weather, however, sweat evaporates more quickly in cold air and causes our bodies to lose moisture faster.

Running, skiing or snowboarding in the middle of January? Intense workouts and activities in colder temperatures cause you to lose more vapor when you breathe, therefore causing your body to lose even more fluids.

So How Do We Stay Hydrated?

It’s important that we maintain enough water in our bodies on a daily basis, but how can we be proactive in maintaining our hydration throughout these dry, winter months?

1. Carry your reusable water bottle with you, everywhere! This one might seem like a no brainer, but when you don’t have that water vessel with you, you don’t have that reminder to re-fill up and stay hydrated!

2. While you don’t have to completely avoid foods and beverages that cause dehydration, it’s best to cut back. Certain drinks, such as coffee and alcohol, act as a natural diuretic and cause our body to lose more liquid.

3. Eating fruits and vegetables are obviously beneficial to your health, but with these foods being made up of approximately 90% water, eating them can naturally hydrate your body.

4. Sunburn in the winter? Yes! Even though we are not basking in the sun in January, the UV rays are still just as powerful and can cause sunburn. Sunburn leads to dehydration, so it’s extra important to protect your skin throughout the entire year.

5. If you’re staying active, drink up. The more active we are, the more fluids our body is losing. We can easily rehydrate our body with water, but for even more extraneous activity, think about adding electrolytes and carbohydrates.

6. With the cold temperatures around us, an ice-cold glass of water just might not sound too appealing. Drinking warmer water, or room temperature water, may be easier for us to sip down in cooler months.

How Can Culligan Water Help?

Make sure you and your family are staying hydrated with the cleanest, safest and most delicious water possible. Our Reverse Osmosis (RO) Drinking Water Filtration System is one of the best water purification methods to provide you high quality drinking water. It improves taste, odor and appearance of water by removing the contaminants that cause these problems.

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